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Pickering Gin Tour

I can thoroughly recommend you pay them a visit.  The tour starts with a big gin & tonic to get you in the mood and then a look around where they produce the gin.  They have an amazing set up and I couldn't believe the amount of drinks they produce in the space they have.  Matthew Gammell has a background in engineering and is responsible for transforming the old hospital into a working distillery.

I don't want to give too much away, but the gin is based on an Indian recipe from 1947 that was gifted to them.  They now produce a range of flavours and various strengths, which you get wee tasters of on the tour.

It is a really smooth gin.  The whisky oak cask gins come in a range of flavours and they can be drunk with just a cube of ice - delicious.

So a good place to visit on a rainy afternoon in Scotland - check their website for details of the tours

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