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Some places that have sometimes struggled to offer vegetarian, have put together a vegan menu with several options.  If you think back to only 10 years ago, as a Vegan, it was easier to go home for food rather than list what you can’t eat to a bemused waiter.


I have been to several places that I wouldn’t usually, in order to support Veganuary.  But everytime I have asked if they have a Vegan wine, I get the same response.  Usually a look of bewilderment followed by various replies of:-


Isn’t all wine vegan?

Errrrrrrrm, I’ll have to ask

Highly unlikely


Whilst I don’t want to be negative about the effort that has gone into Veganuary.  This proves exactly what Vegan Tipples is all about – have good healthy food, with great drinks that follow through with no animal products.

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