Vegan Tipples

100% Vegan Alcoholic Drinks

Great quality vegan wines, beers and spirits.

Vegan Tipples was started in 2018 as a one stop shop for quality drinks with the use of no animal products.  As a vegan myself for 20 years, I want to be confident that I am buying animal free alcohol – this is not always possible due to lack of information and knowledge of suppliers.

But Vegan Tipples is not just for vegans and vegetarians - we should also appeal to people who are unaware as to the products that are used in the fining process.  These days, most people are more conscious about what they eat and drink.  The fact is that eggs, milk, Isinglass (fish bladders) and sometimes even Gelatin are used in the process of alcohol production. And a lot of people are unaware of this.

This fining process also removes some of the flavour from the wine – grapes that the producers have spent months cultivating and getting flavour into.  A lot of the producers we use are small, family owned businesses – and therefore have complete control over production from beginning to end.

With a growing number of vegans and vegetarians, to have a home selection of animal free drinks to offer at social occasions is a thoughtful touch.  There is a trend to try veganism even for a couple of days a week and these drinks should complement that life style choice very successfully.  So whether you are a confirmed vegetarian/vegan or for a one off occasion, we have a wide selection of beautiful drinks to suit everyone’s palate.



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