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Wine Tasting

It is always great to get feedback on the wines and for people to try something new.

The fizz that was the favourite was the Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel (£15.25).  It is such a wonderful wine to offer instead of  a Cava or a Prosecco.  South African, it is really creamy with citrus tones.  A mixture of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.  Beautiful as an aperitif -  I know everyone liked it.

The general consensus for the white wine was one of my favourites – Pecorino Civitas from Abruzzo in Italy (£15.75).  It is a Biodynamic wine produced by Lunaria Orsogna.  It is very soft with aromas of fruit and has a long lasting flavour to enjoy.  There are actually 3 wines in the range including a Montepulciano and Primitivo Ruminat and everyone of them is superb.  I love the labels and I love the fact that they contribute to a wee community zoo in their local area. We do the whole range and I can thoroughly recommend you try at least one of them – you will not be disappointed.

The reds were a closer call between our Romanian Pinot Noir – you get a lot of wine in the bottle for the price of £9.75.  And an Australian Shiraz from the Adelaide Hills called Cunning Plan for £13.99.  I think the Shiraz just edged it.  It is produced by Thistledown Wine Co, which is actually run by 3 Scots guys.  There is so much fruit in this wine and has a great depth of flavour.  At 14%, it would go well with hearty food, but also with Asian cuisine.  This company believes in intelligent, low intervention wine making.  They have a wide range of wines available, which we will be dipping into.

So order 5 of your favourite wines..... and  a bottle of one of the above to give them a try.  Three very different wines that I am confident you will enjoy.

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